Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homemade Baby Gift

Here's a little baby gift that I made recently. 

I found a reference on etsy of the onesie and thought it was super cute. I didn't save the image or reference, but I used the same idea. I just cut out a bunch of circles, laid them out on the onesie how I wanted them and sewed a line straight through them.

 For the skirt I just made up a pattern on my own. HERE's a great reference for the
average sizes for certain baby ages. I used this as a reference when making the skirt.

For the shoes, I used THIS pattern that I blogged about earlier.

I also have a fall wreath that I need to post about! Stay tuned!


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  3. What an awesome collection! I'm definitely pinning this one! Thanks SO much for sharing it on this week's Kid's Co-Op Linky!

  4. This is made for the sweet and innocent baby girl to show them in a girly looks and they look more pretty and tidy in these beautiful outfits.

  5. Wow these are looking lovely you have a great talent.

  6. All is adorable specially the the skirt pattern.

  7. Love love love this set of skirt blouse and shoes...

  8. Bravo! i like all the pattern the skirt and the shoes. Great to have the reference you have linked for the average sizes for certain baby ages.

  9. All the stuff is looking fantastic. What a great talent you have...


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