Since we are regular busy people and don't have the time to post on the blog every day, we wanted this blog to be something fun, but not too demanding. With multiple contributors, this makes it possible for our blog to be updated frequently for our readers, without making it a full time job for anyone. Each of our contributors/authors are creative! Here is a little bit about each of them:

Since I was little, I have loved to create things. I owe much of this to my mom, who could be constantly found sewing or working on projects. She encouraged me to make things even when they didn't turn out perfect, and I think that is why I felt comfortable venturing more into the world of creativity. I graduated with a degree in art and English and love drawing & painting, photographing people and landscapes, being a mom, trying new things, making homemade gifts, writing, reading, enjoying beautiful scenery, surprises, figuring out how to do things, and of course blogging and party planning! I owe a lot of credit for my skills in creative blogging to my husband who makes websites for a living and has helped my creativity come to life. I think everyone should be able to make their blogs & parties creatively customized to them, and I'm here to help you along the way! Learn more about Megs, and see pictures HERE.

Mondays (Blanket Tutorials)

Amanda has started a blanket drive in honor of her son. See more about it here. She is in charge of selecting a blanket feature guest post on Mondays to help promote this drive.

I am a former preschool teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. And I'm busier than ever! I have 2 blogs that I am enjoying so much, We Are the Joneses and Today's Top Twenty. I love being creative. Crafting and I are BFF's (most of the time). I love shopping, sewing, baking, decorating, glueing, painting and looking at other people's fantastic work. I wish I knew how to use power tools. Oh, and my cookie decorating needs a little help too, but I'm working on it. I think that even if I had a million dollars I would still shop at garage sales and thrift stores to recreate things I saw at Pottery Barn. I don't think that there is a better feeling of giving someone something handmade and them loving it--oh, and when someone starts admiring your handmade items, asking where you bought it and you say, "Oh, just something I whipped up". Learn more about Amanda, and see pictures HERE.

I started my creative career very early in life, as I had a mother who sewed professionally. Much of my time was spent in her sewing room "helping". Now I have a little helper of my own. I stay at home with the sweetest 2 year-old daughter a mother could ask for, and she is very supportive of my creative career; meaning she doesn't mess my stuff up too badly. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English, which for a while, fed my creativity, but staying home is another story. I have to actively seek out ways to improve my home, life, and surroundings; and I am extremely excited to share my journey with you! Learn more about Ashley, and see pictures HERE.

I used to be a full time Interior Designer. Now I am a full time mom, a part time blogger and an on the side designer. I love the field of design and love every aspect of it. I'm a very creative person and feel that design is an industry where you can use your creativity every day. I graduated with a design degree from BYU-Idaho and have worked in the kitchen and bath field. Now that I'm a mom, my number one client is me. I have been working hard turning our rental house into a home one low-cost project at a time. I'm hoping that I can teach you a little bit about design and how to find inspiration in the things you love. Everyone deserves to love where they live and to make it their own, and hopefully we can achieve that together. Learn more about Kristin, and see pictures HERE.

By day, I am a middle school teacher and full-time grad student, but by night, I am a project person! I absolutely LOVE to be working on millions of different things at once. I've decided the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because my mom and sisters are the same way. All through school I participated in any class which allowed me to be creative (sewing, acting, singing, photography, interior design, web design, foods, etc). I guess you could say it is a passion! I currently have a recipe site and a blog design site , but I'm super excited to be adding my affiliation with This & That Creative! Learn more about Aliese, and see pictures HERE .


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