Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting To Know Our Contributors Week - Amanda

Hey guys!

I'm Amanda.  I am a 20 something year old married to
{bwhahaha Mr. Hubbs is NOT going to be happy.  He does not like pictures of himself up on in blog land.  Esp. not pictures in which I make him put on cowboy hat.  We will see how long this one lasts...}

I am a mommy to

Aren't my boys cute?  I just love them!

We live in Indiana (any other Hoosiers out there!?) I blog (here -obviously - Today's Top 20, Were the Joneses and The Super Mom Club) , Hubbs works (alot...) Josh goes to school (2nd grade - holy cow!).  We're pretty exciting people! :)

1.Do you have any pets? No. :( We had to get rid our dog Louie

because we moved to an apartment.  BUT we did have a farm house before moving here and we had chickens (they were cute as chicks...pain in the but as well chickens.  Just not my thing) and kittens (my sister took this little gal home)

and of course.  Louie.

2. What was the last book you read? I Dare You.  By Joyce Meyer.  Well I'm still reading it.  Love it.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

3. Do you like to cook? Yes.  But I hate to clean up.

4. Where and what do you like to eat when you go out? I'm a chicken kind of gal (well...just not owning them).  If I dont' get pasta (oh me and carbs have a love / hate relationship.  I love them.  My butt hates them...) I get either chicken fingers or a chicken Caesar salad.  I love Caesar salad.

5. What are your pet-peeves? I'm weird. Kind of OCD.  I like things in order.  I do things in order (hence...why I can't just skip a question on this list) Mondays I deep clean the living room.  Tuesdays the dining room.  And so on.  If something happens and I forget a day I have to wait til the next week to start.  I'm weird I know.  So my biggest Pet Peeve is when Hubs and I will get a season of something on DVD (well, netflix) and he SKIPS.  We were watching Law and Order.  He went episode 2 to episode 8 and then 3.  Or Josh will ask me to play Mario (old school super mario 3 style) and he warps worlds.  Can't handle it.  YOU HAVE TO GO IN ORDER!!! That's why they're numbered!!!!

6. What is something that you regret about your past? I wish I wasn't so bratty as a teen.  Was anyone else a know it all?

7. What is something that you don't regret about your past? I had Josh when I was really young. But I am so glad I had him -- I believe God def. sent him to me for a reason.  He's helped me in more ways then he will ever know!

8. Do you have brothers and sisters? What is your relationship like with them? Yea, a lot.  Both my mom and dad have been remarried to someone with kids.  So Ben, Carl (Step-dad's from previous marriage), Chris, Drew (mom's from previous marriage) Sydney, Caleb (mom and step dad's together) Max, and Anastasia (dad and step-mom's kids).  LOTS.

9. Which sport do you like? I love me some football!!

10. Do you live in a house or an apartment? An apartment.  As much as I can't wait for us to buy a house I have to say I am so blessed to have a wonderful home. (With GINORMOUS walk in closets.  Hey, thats a huge plus in my book!)

11.Have you ever lived in another country? I was born in England.  Lived there a whole 3 months.  Woot woot for dual citizenship!

12. Have you ever met a famous person? Not really famous to me.  Basketball players when I was 18.  I waited tables at P.F.Changs and they would come in all the time.  I thought most of the ones that came in were pretty full of themselves.  And so, I will not call them famous.  BUT if any of you know John Stamos and want to send him my way.  I have a HUGGE crush one him.  (And have since Full House)

13. How do you spend your free time? I make stuff.  Spend too much time on the computer looking at blogs! :)

14. Tell me about a favorite or funny event from your adulthood. Um well yesterday I told Josh to go get a Q-Tip from my bathroom so I could clean his ears.  I was reading on the couch and he came in with a tampon (he had it unwrapped and all pulled apart) and he goes I couldn't find the kid size.  I was cracking up.  Hubbs was laughing.  I said those aren't QTips.  Joshua: What are they.  Hubbs: NOT something you clean your ears with.

15. Tell me about a favorite or funny event from your childhood. These are kind of hard.  I don't remember.  I got kicked out of home ec. in jr. high because I put an egg in the microwave.  And it exploded.  And smelled for DAYS.  I totally didn't know it would do that.  (I may have had an experience with the sewing machine too....) So they sent me to Ag. Kind of funny I write craft blogs now huh?

16. Have you ever been in an accident? More than I'd like to admit.  Last time I backed hubbs Tahoe into a telephone pole at the bank. 

17. What countries have you visited? Not many.  England & Canada.

18.Do you have a nickname? Nope. And please do not call me Mandy.

19. What do you do on Sundays?  Church.  And I clean the house. 

20. What do you do? What's your job? I stay at home.  I blog.  I clean the house. I make dinner.  I do lots of laundry.  I volunteer. I used to teach preschool.  And then I was a part time manager at Gymboree.

21. What is your motto in life? Can I have a new motto?  I recently came across this : Worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.  It's supposed to be geared towards the Christmas season.  But I love it.

22. What is/are your favorite movie(s)? Breakfast at Tiffany's. I'm not sure if I like the movie for the actual movie or because of her clothes.  The Breakup cracks me up too.  We don't watch a lot of Grown up movies...usually Josh movies.

23. What kind of people do you like? I like funny people....tell me a joke! I like nice people.  I really like people.  I'll talk. You talk back. 

24. Which languages do you speak? I know ASL (American Sign Language) and French.  I know a few bits and pieces of Spanish.

25. What are you best at? Probably making stuff.  I like it.  I'm magical sometimes.  Other times... not so much. :)  

26. Any bad habits you need to work on? Yeah don't you?  I've got a few pounds that need to do a disappearing act.

27.Who has had the most influence in your life? Joshua!  And my hubbs! :)

28.Would you like to be famous? I don't know.  Right now famous to me is Bakerella.  Or Amy from the idea room.  I'd take that famous.  But not make me go crazy Britney Spears famous. 

I'm no Lohan!

29. What do you think you will be doing five years from now? Keeping on keepin on.  Josh will be a teenager - OMG.  Hopefully we will have more babies by then! :)

30. Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person? Is anyone still reading? Depends on the day.  I hate getting up. But I usually get more done in the morning.

31. What is your favorite season? Spring or fall...but spring starts warmer weather so I'll chose that one.  But fall colors are so pretty.  Even if they don't last long!

32. What do you like to do as a family? We play games.  A lot. A lot a lot of games.   Xbox, board games, card games.  If you can play..we do. (I'm the current skip bo champion of our home... Just saying.)

33. How many times did you move as a child? Twice.  Not a mover. 

34. What cartoon or TV show character best describes you? Hmmm... I don't know. But i know what I will end up being like.  Everyone loves Raymond..Raymond's mom.  When Josh grows up and moves away I am totally moving across the street. Fair warning girls.

35.If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? Hypothetically I suppose you would also be providing me with an awesome place to live.  Like a posh flat in London?

36. If you knew you could try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt? I'd have my own boutique.  I suppose with Etsy anyone can huh?

37. What super-power would you most like to have, and why? I do have super powers what are you talking about?

38. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? Take pictures.  Unless i had the body I had 6 years ago.  Then in pictures.  We're being honest here right?

39. Are you a beach, country, or city person? Tried the country thing.  I hated it.  True story: I took Josh for his 1st day of kindergarten and one of the high school kids RODE THEIR HORSE TO SCHOOL.  The poor thing was tied up outside.  I wish I still had the picture (that I of course sent to all my girl friends).

40. Where do you spend most of your money? Just one place?  Fabric stores, gymboree, American Eagle, TJ Maxx.  The grocery store.  Hubbs says I have a problem.

41. Why did you choose the shirt you're wearing right now? Um.  It's an old Tshirt from the hubs.  It was there. It was comfy.  It's purple. (it was a softball shirt of his.  I dont think he was fond of the purple).

42.When did you start feeling old? I got an email about our HS reunion coming up.  That kind of made me feel old. Or when Josh started school.  That was hard.

43. How would you describe your overall style?  Laid back.  Classic. 
44.If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Josh would make me be green.  Apparently it's now my favorite color.

45. What is the best material gift you ever received? My wedding ring.

46. If you have a significant other, how did you meet and what attracted you to him/her?  We met through a friend.  Have you seen my hubby.  He's hot! :) (Now, he's really going to be embarrassed!)

47.What is your favorite TV show? I love Criminal Minds.

48. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?  Amazon.  Just because I could buy EVERYTHING. 

49. If you have children, how many children do you have and what are their names? I have Joshua, he's 7.
{at 100 day at school}

50. What is your favorite recent purchase? We I mean SANTA got a red Wii for Josh to put in his room.  And a magic kit.  The kid is going to FLIP. :)


  1. It's so fun to get to know more about you! I was dying with the Q-tip story!

    So does your husband check up and see what you've written up in blog land like mine periodically does? Haha!

  2. Megs Andy is such a private person. He really doesn't understand why anyone would blog about things in their life lol. I'm sure he reads it every once in a while...And so we will see when I get "the talk" about his picture! :)

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