Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frame Collage

When my husband bought me a frame set last year at the Black Friday sales, I decided to throw something different together for our front room. I wanted to incorporate the names of each family member within a collage of frames containing pictures of family moments.

First, I laid out all the frames on the floor in the arrangement that I wanted. 
I measured how long the arrangement was and found out the measurement 
of the middle. Then I measured the wall to see where I wanted 
the middle to be and marked that with a piece of chalk. 
I then marked on the wall where each end would be. 

I started by hanging up a frame from the middle. I then
took a frame that would be hanging up next to the first frame hung and 
traced its position on the wall. I did this with all the frames until I had 
my whole "outline" of what I wanted traced in chalk on the wall and
then I knew I was good to hang all the rest of them up.

Once I had all the frames up, I put our names in vinyl and 
some decor pieces up in the open spaces.

I think this would even look good with different kinds of frames that don't
match (the width of the outlining frames would have to be similar
though for this arrangement to work--so if you have a frame that is 1" bordering your image, then try to choose other frames that are close to that size).
You could spray paint them different colors in a color scheme that matches your room.

If you do make all the frames the same color, it almost can look like it is one
big frame instead of a collage. I get asked all the time if ours is one huge frame.


  1. I love love love this!! I've been trying to figure out how to arrange all the frames I have. This is perfect! Ur genius Megs!!

  2. THIS IS SUPER CUTE! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the layout too:) HAve a happy weekend!

    Jennie {CInnaberry Suite}

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