Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wall Art From Paint Samples

So I was a judge over at Today's Top Twenty's Blogger of the Month competition, and I just have to say that I fell in love with Life, Crafts, and Whatever's Paint Chip Wall Art. I thought it was brilliant. I am so into doing my own art.

I am a frequent Home Depot drop in so I totally swiped some paint samples and made my own version. I think I got the board for close to $4. I had the Mod Podge, stain, and metalic paint so this was super cheap to make. I didn't even have to cut the board because I had found the perfect size.

You just cut and glue down your pieces how you want on the board. Cover them with Mod Podge using a paintbrush (a few layers--letting dry in between layers) and then use wood stain (a dark color so it shows up) and let the stain fill into the cracks, wipe away and let dry (a few times). I covered it with one last layer of a mixture of metallic paint and Mod Podge and let it dry and then hung it on the wall! Visit Life, Crafts, and Whatever's post about it for a more detailed how-to.

Here's mine!

I didn't have the paint chips glue on super tight, so there are some edges that pulled away, but I didn't mind at all. I like the distressed worn look of it. I'd love to do a lighter version with spring colors and whites, but skip the staining. It would also be fun to do a monochromatic one, and have contrasting vinyl words across the board.


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