Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Swaddler Tutorial

Babies love to be swaddled--that's a fact, but I have a hard time making the blanket stay around them. When I had my first baby, someone gave me a swaddler complete with Velcro. It was incredible, but we only had one. I decided to make more for my next baby.

Here is the finished product!
First, you cut your fabric. I decided to go with a light cotton and make it only 1 layer because Summer is fast approaching.

Then you cut the square pocket where you put the baby.

I just bought bias tape to attach the pocket to the inside of the blanket.

I pinned it, and then followed with stitching on the edge of both sides.

Then, I used bias tape to edge the entire blanket.

Next, I added the velcro. I borrowed a friend's baby to determine where the vecro would go.

I folded it and added the next velcro.

And the finished product. It's incredibly easy and very useful!


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