Friday, April 1, 2011

Creative Spotlight: Becky's Onesie Extender

So...maybe we're all a bit Baby-Hungry at This & That Creative this week??  Here's my spotlight.  Apparently all bodies (even babies) aren't necessarily "created equal."  Having ridiculously long legs myself and having a sister with a ridiculously long torso (neither of us over 5 1/2 ft.) made for some interesting fashion challenges for our mother growing up (and even now as adults!).  My friend, Becky, over at good times :) came up with this great idea for her long-torsoed little one.

Hi!  I'm Becky and I truly am one of  the plainest janes out there.   I love being organized and clutter-free.   I enjoy being green.  I also love to create.  I love new ideas which is why I love sites like this.  I am not the type of person who can think of ideas on my own; I pretty much always see things and then come up with how I want to make it.  So here I am sharing one of my projects:

I have a long child.

As a result, many onesies don't fit her. See below.

(yes, I let my child play with garbage.) (often, in fact.)
So I created a ONESIE EXTENDER! (insert trumpet sounds here!)
I made it from a onesie that was pretty badly stained up the back so I didn't feel bad cutting it up. :) It is DEFINITELY not the prettiest thing and I was actually quite amazed at its ugliness, but it works and it doesn't show once she's fully dressed so it is just perfect!
Hooray for no scrunched body!!!

And here she is. All dressed and pressed and ready to go. (can any of you name where that is from?)
And one last pic of her goofy mouth! She is constantly playing with her mouth and tongue!

Becky's original post can be found here:


  1. I always hated it when my little guy fit in the top of his onesie but not the bottom. Great solution!

  2. I am glad that this is baby spotlight week. I'm getting some great ideas. If our baby's body resembles mine or Adam's even a little, we will definitely be need to make some of these.

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