Monday, April 11, 2011

Frayed Rose Quilt

This is a pretty quilt tutorial from Megan - from right here at This & That Creative.  I loov her quilt! :) Thanks Megan!!

Here is the blanket that I have had tucked away in my mind for a while
that needed to become a reality.
I wanted to do something I haven't done before,
and I had a few different ideas in mind. I was thinking I might want 
a scalloped design to quilt all over the blanket--similar to the scalloped 
design on the wall in this picture.
Image from HERE
My other idea was to use a flower outline--I ended up doing this one but 
would love to still try the scallops. I found an image online of an outline of a rose.
It is from a piece of jewelry, but just the design I wanted for my blanket.
Image from HERE 
I freehanded the design on my top selection of fabric for my blanket with chalk. 
As the chalk got smooth and didn't write as well, I'd rub it on
some sandpaper and keep going till I had the whole design on the blanket.
I had my top fabric, my batting, and my bottom layer of fabric already
laid out and matched up when I started my design.
I then measured each petal outline and wrote down those measurements.
Next, I cut some strips from some matching white cotton fabric to go over my outlines.
If my measurement from one petal section was 11", then I would make sure
to add a couple inches to it and make the strip to cover it about 13"or so, so that I could allow
for the curves where I knew the fabric would be folded a little. The
more the curves in the measurement, the more length I added to the strip.
It's best to always over estimate, so you don't have to cut a new strip. 
Here are all the strips laid out over top of my design.
I then pinned down the strips, folding in some spots like shown below to
help make the curves. Make sure to pin through your strip, top layer of fabric,
batting, as well as the bottom layer of fabric for your blanket and make sure
that all the layers match up correctly.
I missed a few spots and had to redo some parts.
Here's all of my strips pinned on. 
I then used my sewing machine to stitch my strips on.
 Just follow the center of each strip until you have the
whole design all quilted.
I used the simple binding technique that I found at My Spare Time , but 
instead of using a satin ribbon, I used some white fleece material that I had
pieced together and cut into a long strip.
After I had everything sewn, I threw my blanket in the washer and dryer.
I cut away any ugly looking strings as a result of the 
strips fraying in the wash and this is the result!
I love how it is super "fluffy" (Despicable Me--anyone?) and 
down-comforter-like that it turned out.
There really is no end to the possibilities that you can use for a design.
And I think next time I would like to try a ruffled edge around the blanket.
I'd love to see any more designs that anyone else tries!
Seriously... how much does this rock!?!


  1. Oh that's super cute! I really MUST get me a sewing machine!

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