Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look HOO's Ready For Easter

The Easter Bunny has been busy
getting things ready for baskets and decided
that something was missing.

I decided to join in and help, by making
this cute little plush owl.
I found some inspiration online,
and made a pattern in Adobe Illustrator.
I used scraps from previous projects
so it was 100% free!
I used flannel for the body, and felt
for the details. I simply glued the felt
details on to make it quicker and easier,
but you could also sew them on for a
more professional look.
It's the perfect addition, and the
Easter Bunny was very pleased.
I think that my little 2 year old will also
be pleased when she sees it sitting in her basket!

If you'd like the PDF pattern simply become
a follower and leave a comment on this post
with your email address and I will email it to you!


  1. This is CUTE! You can't beat an adorable homemade gift from the Easter Bunny!

  2. This is wicked cute! you did an awesome job! I love owls & birds! Could you send a pdf copy my way? Thanks a bunch.

    Karin Marie ;)

  3. Absolutely love this cute and adorable owl, so does my 4yr old daughter. Would love to get a copy of the PDF file if still available:0)

    Amanda Zamora


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