Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boredom Buster Crafts for Kids

Because Amanda posted such a fabulous sewing post yesterday, I decided to post these Boredom buster crafts. These can be adapted to kids of all ages!

My 2 year-old has a serious case of cabin fever since we can't go outdoors and play as we usually do. I don't want her to watch any TV, so I have to come up with indoor activities to keep us busy and sane. Here are a few fun things we've been able to do...

We made snowflakes--classic, and so much fun! My daughter is not old enough to cut her own, so I cut them out, put the glue on, and she added glitter. I found glitter around my kitchen for days, but hey, it's washable!
It made a fun little decoration...
The next activity was very messy, but it was also very washable. All you need is a can of shaving cream...
And then you spread it around the table! My fifth grade teacher let us do this on our desks, and then we would write our spelling words in it. My daughter's not old enough for that yet, but we did practice her letter recognition. She absolutely loved it, and it kept her busy for about 45 minutes!
Afterwards, she was in desperate need of a bath. Luckily shaving cream comes right out in the washer. And what kid doesn't want a bubble bath after a fun activity, or what adult for that matter?...
Lastly, we made our very own jingle bells. For this you need egg cartons, jingle bells, and yarn or string. You can also use paint and glitter--use your imagination!
I had my daughter paint the egg holders after I cut them out.
Then I poked a hole in the top, strung some yarn through, and attached a bell.
My daughter loved putting them on the tree! You can use these lots of different ways, and you can also use your imagination in decorating as well.
I love all these crafts because, they are cheap, easy, and keep kids entertained for a little while at least. What fun things do you do with your kids?

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  1. When I taught preschool the kids in my class loved shaving cream! You can also add it to paint to make "puffy" paint!


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