Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make Your Own Christmas Ornament

My Mother-in-Law has a fantastic tradition of designing an ornament for the entire family to make on Christmas Eve. The last 2 years I have helped her get them all ready to put together. Everyone absolutely loves this tradition, and each year as we decorate the tree, wonderful memories of Christmases past come while decorating.

This year she decided to do a Dutch Santa Claus because her mother migrated from Holland just before she was born. We put together the ornament to figure out all the details.

Here is is almost complete. The picture on the left was our inspiration.
And here he is all complete!
We used Styrofoam for his little body, and we sewed his dress and cape. When we get them ready for Christmas Eve, we assemble the parts and put them into little ziploc bags. Then, everybody can grab a bag and assemble their ornament. She also puts out a container of little dodads, so every person can personalize his ornament.
Do you have any fun family traditions?

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