Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inexpensive Gift Idea and Tutorial

Dish scrubbies are incredibly useful and so easy to make! Unlike sponges, they do not harbor bacteria. When you are done scrubbing your dishes, give it a once over, or just pop it in the dishwasher. These work great on counter tops and stoves too!

My grandmother gives them to neighbors as gifts every year, and they are all so excited to receive them. I think if she ever stopped doing it, she'd have a stampede at her door.
Materials Needed:
Nylon netting
Large Crochet Hook
First, cut the nylon into a long strip. I make my strip a little over an inch. This does not need to be exactly measured. When I'm cutting my strip, and I get to a corner, I just turn and keep on cutting.
Next, chain 4 and connect into a circle. After that, just single crochet in the circle until you get the desired size. When working the middle, you'll need to put 3 single crochets in each spot. Around the outside, you can cut back to 2. Basically just put enough stitches in to make it lay flat.
And voila! An incredibly useful item for dirt cheap! These take me about 10-20 minutes each to make, but a good project to do while watching wonderful Christmas movies.

If you want, you can attach them to a little thing of dish soap and attach a clever poem. Any ideas on the clever poem part?


  1. I actually do have a cute poem that would go with it! I'll totally try to find it. You would need to include a dish towel with it though because the poem is about giving new washers and dryers for Christmas.

  2. Aliese, I would love it if you could find that poem! It sounds fabulous!

  3. I need help in how to make them lie flat. I was confused by the 3 and 2. . . I would appreciate some pointers for mine turn out to be odd shapes. Thanks Ashley!

  4. Washer & Dryer Gag Gift Idea

    This Christmas our ship has finally come in
    We’re feeling so wealthy and rich.
    Instead of some small remembrance
    This year will be quite a switch.

    We’re giving a gift of high quality
    No more cheap presents for us.
    It’s time we really went all out
    But don’t worry, it’s really no fuss.

    We considered giving you a sports car
    Or maybe a tropical cruise ---
    But we decided to be more practical
    And give something you really could use.

    So, open the box and you may be surprised,
    To find not only one gift, but TWO ---
    We hope you will put your presents to work
    It’s a WASHER & DRYER, too!
    Author Unknown


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