Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Christmas Gifts I can show ... FINALLY! :)

Did you all have a great Christmas?? I hope so!! I can finally show a few gifts that I made! 
This is a bag for my mom.  Just a simple tote bag.  Red is her favorite color so I thought this fabric would be perfect.  I love the addition of the ribbon and little bow on the front.  Makes it very pretty.
My mom goes to water aerobics so the bag is lined with a thick plastic table cloth.  Which makes it water proof.  So she can toss her swim suit and towel in after she's done and not worry about it getting the whole bag wet.  There is also a pocket for her to store keys and such in. {Wish I had a differnent color besides blue, but I need to go tablecloth shopping! I got this one {It's Better Homes & Garden} at Wal-Mart on clearance for about $4.  I love working with tableclothes lining bags, lunch bags and such.  Just make sure the tablecloth you get says it is safe for food.  I can't remember what it's called right now, but you will see it on the package. Surprisingly not all of them have it.  And the thicker ones are good to work with -- the stuff on the back of them cling to the fabric making it a sinch.
This bag (REALLY needs to be ironed before I package it up!) is for my little sister.  Big enough for books, sleepover clothes, really anything! 

The pink fabric has polka dots on it.  And I free handed the puppy.  The colar is just some ric rac that I need to trim up a little! :)

2 big bags and then this little one.  This is for my grandma.  Somewhere in my pile of gifts I have a set of 3 bingo dabbers that I wrapped in scrapbook paper.  They say "I'm feeling lucky tonight", "Phyllis' lucky dabber", and "Show me the money!" They are going to go in the front pockets.  And I'd like to sew up a quick little change purse to throw in there.  This isn't meant to be carried as a purse (obviously look at those straps!) but rather a little bag to hold bingo supplies.

Joshua's stocking.  Since all of our Christmas decorations got lost when we moved :( But I do like his stocking!  I love the tree fabric!

What gifts did you make this year?


  1. Such fun bags! Way to go on handmaking your gifts this year!


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  2. I totally love gifts like this that are so custom for each person! Great idea for the waterproof bag.

  3. What a neat idea to make it waterproof. I wouldn't have thought of the tablecloth but I can see how that would work perfectly. So sweet of you to make a Bingo bag for your grandmother. I love homemade gifts.

  4. I love using my tablecloth! Cheap, safe, machine washable (make sure to double check!) and you get lots! I've used it for lining lunch bags, the water proof tote, snack bags. Joshua's snack bags he takes to lunch everyday. And they get washed after each use -- they've held up perfectly all school year so far! Go find a table cloth! I'm sure Wal-Mart (where I got mine) will have some red and green ones on clearance from Christmas!

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