Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you do one thing this Christmas....DO THIS!!!

So I just got told (and I may be the very last person to find this out...)
that if you go to http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/ Santa will video message your kids!!!!

And not just any video message.  This is a WAY cool one.  And FREE!!!!!

You type in their name, what they want for Christmas, one thing you asked them to do, if they've been good (or you can tell Santa on them for being naughty - maybe coming from Santa Claus will shape them up!) :)

You upload their picture and it is emailed to you in a snap. 

Josh was PUMPED.  He was jumping up and down and couldn't wait to call grandmas and grandpas to tell them. 

Seriously go.  NOW! :)


  1. We did this over the weekend for our 5 year old and now every night after he brushes his teeth he says "I hope Santa saw me brush my teeth 3 times today!" It is so funny!!

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  2. How adorable!

    I need some kiddos...all your ideas make me want them NOW! I'm just crossing my fingers (and saving all these wonderful ideas in my favorites) that I'll get to do all this in the future!

  3. This totally reminds me...One year my sister totally wanted to know if Santa was real. So with the help of my dad, she left out a video camera to catch Santa on video. My parents called up our friend that dresses up as Santa for parties to help them out. The next morning she checked the video camera, and lo and behold Santa was there! He was looking at an ornament on the tree then he turned and looked straight at the camera and turned it off! She was so excited about that and didn't seem to care at all about her presents. She even took it to school to show and tell.

  4. That's a super cute story!! Gosh I just can't believe how technical Santa is now...Makes me wonder should we still send him a letter or do I let Josh text him? :) lol. {Totally kidding. We'll write a letter. But I'm sure somewhere there is a Santa number to text.}

  5. I just did this for all three of my kids (thank you!). My 5-yr-old is still beaming. Adorable! My 10-yr-old was pretending to think it was silly but when I threatened to stop the video, he wouldn't let me. I'll be passing this on for sure. Thanks again!


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