Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carousel Horse Crayons

We have the biggest party of the year
going on on Saturday. It's my little miss'
second Birthday! ( I still can't believe she will be 2!)
Anyway, I have been doing lots of little projects
to get ready for the big day.
We are having the party at an outdoor carousel,
she is obsessed with carousels!
I found a cute carousel horse candy mold
that I decided to use to make crayons as favors!

I started by separating a few boxes of crayons by color

I took the wrappers off, broke them into little pieces,
and melted them on the stove like so:

I then poured the wax into the mold, put them
in the freezer for a few minutes and...

All packaged up with tags (so no one think they are candy)
and ready to give away to our little guests!

Tune in next Thursday for pictures of the party!


  1. Cute! I am excited to see how the party goes. I think 2 is going to be such a fun year for a birthday party because by then you can observe if they really love something and make the party revolve around what they love!

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