Wednesday, January 5, 2011

JCasa handmade Highlight: Sewn Boxes

I saw these over at Jennifer Casa's blog, JCasa handmade, HERE and thought that they were awesome! She has some other amazing tutorials and ideas, so go check her out!

Find the free PDF tutorial HERE so you can make your own!

Fill them up with goodies for the neighbors, use them as nesting boxes, fashionably organize crafting supplies with them and more.

For me, I think they would be the perfect fix for our dresser. Our dresser is seriously is bombarded by change, business cards, and receipts from my husband's pockets and it absolutely drives me crazy. I occasionally can't look at it any longer and go into a cleaning frenzy, which in turn, drives my husband crazy. Apparently change, business cards, and receipts scattered across the dresser are, in reality, strategically placed :) Well, if I make some of these boxes with some fabric that matches our room, with maybe even some labels on them, I think I might have found the solution for both my husband and me. As soon as I make them, I'll post some pictures :)


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