Friday, January 28, 2011

Legit Paper Snowflakes

Cutting paper snowflakes is probably one of my very favorite winter crafts.  Even though most people only find it acceptable to hang snowflakes before Christmas, I feel as though they make great "winter" decor.  I've been doing it for years and I wont lie...I totally pride myself on them once finished. You'll need loads of blank 8.5x11" paper and a pair of nice, sharp scissors.
Step 1:  Place the paper in front of you, portrait-style.
Step 2:  Fold in half.  Be sure to crease your edges really tightly.  I pinch the paper between my fingernails, or rub the handle of my scissors over it.  The flatter your folds lay, the easier it is to cut later.
 Step 3:  Find the center of the FOLDED edge (just bring your folded corners together and pinch the center).
 Step 4:  This is the most difficult step and takes a few tries.  You need to fold the paper into triangular thirds from the center point you pinched earlier.
 Step 5:  This is the "finishing" to the triangular thirds step from above.  Be sure your edges match up.  If they don't, just re-fold it until you get it right.  You don't want any extra space between the folded edges.
 This is what the finished product looks like after being folded into triangular thirds.  I call it the fox head or pointy heart when teaching it to children.
Step 6:  Fold the fox head/pointy heart in half leaving the flap on the top.
 This is what your folded fox head/pointy heart should look like.
 Step 7:  Cut along the folded flap on the top; you're basically cutting off the fox ears here.
 Step 8:  Cut your snowflake!  The more paper you cut, the better your snowflake will turn out.  Remember to cut large shapes AND small shapes.
 Step 9:  Unfold your snowflake very carefully so it doesn't rip.  Folding your edges in the opposite direction also helps to lay the paper more flat.
 Step 10:  Hang them in your window and enjoy!
Now you can practice, practice, practice and be ready for next winter!


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