Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Gift Box Printables

I used the blog backgrounds that I made earlier to make some Valentine gift box printables!

I've seen these before and found a free template for it at PaperCraft Art Creative. I used their idea but incorporated my backgrounds in my own template to make some that have Valentine patterns and a fun matching heart for the top.

Click on the valentine box template that you like, and it will enlarge. Click again to zoom in.
Then right click on the enlarged image to save and then use to print.

 To make your box, follow the instructions on this template that I found.


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  1. Very cute. Will link on my blog to remind me to print some! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. My wife loved the red roses I gave her last year !

  3. it's usually hard to come up with something like this..might try it out.

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  4. Excellent posting. Undoubtedly you are an expert when it comes to this writing. This is absolutely the first time I visited your site and to tell the truth it succeeds in making me visit here now and then.

  5. You are thus clever! you recognize i am unable to resist an honest project made up of trash! i really like these and currently i am attending to be annoying all of my friends by asking them to save lots of their gift boxes on behalf of me.


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