Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Money Saving Ideas You May Not Be Doing Now

I love to save money, but then again, who doesn't? I thrive on a growing bank account and financial freedom. You could say I am something of a compulsive saver. I do all the big money saving things like being debt free (except for our mortgage), shopping sales, ect. That being said, I have found many little ways to save a ton of money! Here are some of them:

1- Make my own household cleaners and laundry soap.
This is also more environmentally friendly and non-toxic to kids and pets.

2- Make most things from scratch (seasonings, mixes, cream soups, ect.)
Also healthier...

3- Reuse ziploc bags
Just rinse them out, turn them wrong side out, and toss them in with your whites
(Do not dry!).

4- Rinse out vacuum filter instead of always buying a new one.
I do have to break down and buy a new one every 2-3 years.

5- Use cloth diapers, and make them yourself.
I didn't do this with my first, but my second will be cloth.

6- Make your own deodorant
Some people cringe at this one, but it works, promise! Also, it doesn't contain
aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimers and other neurological disorders.

7- Make your own frozen meals including pizza
Every time I make a meal that can be frozen (lasagna, casseroles, enchiladas, etc.), I
make 2 or 3 times the amount and throw it in ziplocs in the freezer. On days when
I am behind or just don't feel like cooking, I have an easy back up that is cheaper and
healthier than fast food.

8- Make your own granola bars
I have been doing this for a while now, and my family loves them. I love that I can
control the amount of sugar that goes into them, and they don't contain

9- Make your own bread
This is especially good for me because I can't have gluten and specialty breads are

10- Make soup at least once a week
My family loves soup, which is a good thing because we have it a lot. In fact, I
make large batches of soup in the fall when vegetables are still cheap, and we have
them to eat all winter long. It's nutritious and makes ingredients go a long way.

For the next three weeks I will be featuring recipes and tutorials to go along with this list, so stay tuned for those.

What little known ways does your family save money?


  1. I would love to know how to make my own cleaners and detergents! That would save a lot of money. We buy some foods from the dollar store (especially like Dollar General or the "everything's a dollar" stores). We don't buy a lot from there but stuff like spaghetti sauce, noodles, chips, cans of veggies and more non-perishables. Thanks for all the tips and can't wait to see the recipes and tutorials.

  2. Would love to know how you make your own cleaners!!!! Please share with us!!

  3. Love posts like these! Looking forward to the recipes. :)

  4. I have been making my own laundry detergent for a bit now and Im loving it! Cant wait to see the rest of the list!

  5. Just found out that I can't have gluten! I can't wait for the recipe to make bread from home...the ones at the store are like a brick!


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