Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Pedigree Decor

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I recently went to a Genealogy Convention with my mother-in-law. I was most definitely the youngest one there, and I don't think that I am that young. Well, it kind of got me excited about looking into my ancestry a little more. I know my family has done a little research, but I am now excited to help fill in any gaps in the family tree that I might come across.

Well, a big picture frame in our front room recently broke, and I haven't got around to fixing it or putting anything else up. I wanted to brainstorm it for a while since I wasn't wild about what I had up before. After going to the convention, I decided that I want to make a genealogy chart to go up there and put a sign with our family name hanging above it.

At the convention, there was a booth by Generation Maps that showed off tons of beautiful pre-made family pedigree charts and gave you the option to submit all your names/records to them to have one printed. They also had fill in the blank charts that you can fill out by hand. Here are a few examples.

Since I didn't want a pre-made design or actual pre-made chart, I asked if there was a way to print one that I designed myself and what the prices would be. Turns out they can print anything you submit to them as a jpeg and have it printed on up to 42" in width and you pay per linear foot. They can print HUGE charts--I'm talking like 40 feet wide! They can also print your image as a canvas giclee (photos of people, etc.). And they match any price. Needless to say, I was on a mission to get one done.

There are lots of family tree/pedigree templates you can find online just by doing a google search. I didn't really want one that was crafty cutesy--more classy and antique looking. I found tons of family tree templates at www.obituarieshelp.org that were simple but perfect for what I wanted.

I love their circular charts

I then merged the chart (customized it a little too) and the background plus added our family name in a circle around the circular chart and filled am still filling out names (in Photoshop). It is definitely time consuming! Especially if you don't have all the information gathered and with you at the moment of making the chart. But you can always do a chart that doesn't go back as far, and I think any chart will definitely be worth it. I've used Family Search to assist me along the way. It is actually quite addicting to find names that go in certain spots! And it's a lot of fun seeing names that are in the family that you can use for your future kids.

It's so crazy to actually "visualize" how so many people's genetics contribute to your own!  Here is my progress this far. I plan on printing it 42" x 42" and framing it with either a driftwood frame or a white frame that my husband and I will probably make. I am anxious to get it completed :)

 I'll post about the finished product when I get it done!

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  1. I love the circular one as well.

  2. I still love this and am way excited to do my own!

  3. thanks for including my website obituarieshelp.org. loved what you did with the circular chart..


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