Thursday, March 24, 2011

Burgers Anyone?

Grilling season is sneaking up on us, and what better
way to finish off a hamburger meal than with a
hamburger dessert!

Yup, this is a dessert
The buns are made out of vanilla cupcakes cut in half
1/2 a chocolate cupcake for the burger patty,
and red (ketchup) frosting,
yellow (mustard) frosting,
and green (lettuce) frosting.
The Fries are sugar cookies cut into strips and
dusted with sugar to look like salt!

Ready to be served!
When I served these at a cook out last year
our guests were very amused!
Oh, and I even found little red baskets at a local
restaurant store for about 50 cents a piece
to finish off the look!


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