Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabric-Twisted Rosette Tutorial

I love accessories.  I love accessories which can be switched out with ease even more!  I bought a package of plain headbands at Kohl's a few weeks ago and decided to spruce them up with some fabric flowers.  Except I didn't want them spruced up permanently (sometimes I like to be a bit plain-jane).

Take a strip of fabric about 12" long and 2" wide (obviously you can play with these not-so-precise measurements to make the rosette more to your liking).

 Fold the strip in half the long way with the wrong sides together.

Begin rolling the fabric around itself at one end.  Once a small "rosette center" has formed, begin twisting the tail of the fabric as tightly as you can.

Wrap the twisted tail of fabric carefully around the rosette center you made previously.  Note:  The fabric should be even with the rosette center on the top.  The bottom of the rosette center you rolled will hang out the back a bit unevenly.

If the rosette gets too large for you to handle (or your fingers cramp up like mine) just guide a strait pin through the twists to the center to hold it in place while you continue.

 **See the rosette center hanging out the back?**  
To put a clean finish on the back of your rosette (and to hide the rosette center piece) just leave part of the tail untwisted and hot glue it to the rosette's back side.  There are two options here:  You can cut the fabric to size after it's been glued (like I did with the pink flower), or you can leave the tail hanging off to look like a leaf (which is how I did the tan one in the first photo).

 Then, hot glue a little loop, just large enough for your headband to slide through (that way, you can wear it on whichever headband you choose!).  It could also be slipped through a pin and worn as a broach, on a chain, or string of pearls/beads.

 ...And since my husband is a jeweler/gemologist, we have hoards of stones around the house.  I stole three to embellish the center!  This is also a great craft for a girl's birthday party/church activity as it requires minimal sewing/crafting skills.  Plus, it's also a great way to get rid of the fabric scraps you've got just hangin' around!


  1. These are sooo cute! I am definitely making one.

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