Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning to Sew Zippers

I have made MANY pillow covers over the
past few years. For myself, friends, design clients,
and for my shop on Etsy.
I just recently decided I wanted to learn how to
sew zippers into my pillow covers rather than
doing an "envelope closure."
All it took was a trip over to YouTube to find out how.

I watched this VIDEO
and found the zipper foot that came with my
sewing machine, and that's it!
A few practice zippers later, I now know how
to sew in a zipper.
And guess what...
It's easy!
Here is one of my finished pillow covers:
and the zipper closure:
If there is anything out there you have been wanting
to learn more about check out YouTube or other
blogs or tutorials. It's so much easier
than teaching yourself!

And check out my Etsy shop if your in the
market for new pillow covers!


  1. Thanks. I'm going to watch the video myself.

  2. I love the fabric you used for this pillow! How fun for spring. We just got a couch that I am so wanting to make some pillows for!


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