Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo Blocks

I'm usually not one for Halloween decor (purely because I do not enjoy the holiday, and I prefer fall-themed decor so I can leave it out for a few months rather than a few weeks), but these were super-simple and cute. I cannot take credit for the idea (I made it at a church enrichment activity), but I can take credit for the fabulous blocks you see!The blocks themselves are just pieces of a sliced 2x4. You could easily purchase them from a craft store, but you'll probably ended up spending more money. I painted the first three black and the last one orange, then roughed the edges a bit with some sand paper. For the checker-board "stencil" I just took a small piece of wood, painted the edge, and stamped it on! No actual stencil was used. Some of the other women painted an exclamation point on the last block as well, but I liked leaving it for creative decor. Plus, it gives me some options: I can leave it at the end, put it at the beginning, stack it on one of the other blocks, leave it out all together, etc. The lettering was cut with a Cricut, but with only three letters, you could easily cut them from paper or even paint them on!. Finally, I embellished the blocks with little foam stickers.


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