Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

I love children's books, especially Dr. Seuss, and that may be why I absolutely love this baby shower that a girl I know threw! Madeline did an amazing job, and I wanted to highlight it for today's post. 

Check out these real green eggs!

I love how she set up the fish hanging to look like they were swimming!

How about this giant The Cat in the Hat book cover that she made? Too fun!

She did another one for Oh, The Places You'll Go
you can see it in the background in this next picture.

I love how everything ended up so colorful and played with so many of the themes 
of a number of Dr. Seuss's books! 

For Madeline's original post with all the party details, go HERE.

Another one of my friends threw a Dr. Seuss 1st birthday, which is a great idea too! Maybe I can get some pictures from her to add to this post later!


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