Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sports Team Baby Shower

My friend, Nicole, and her husband are huge Florida Gator fans. When they found out they were having a little boy, there was no question as to what theme we would choose for her baby shower!
All the food, decor, and invites proudly wore the team colors of blue or orange, and we threw in a little green too. Oh, and I made a delicious orange Dreamsicle Fruit Salad to go along with all the other blue and orange food. Go HERE for the recipe!

I designed the invites in the Sure Cuts A Lot program (which I love by the way because I am so into making my own designs) and cut them out with my Cricut. If you have Sure Cuts A Lot and want the design, go HERE to download the file. I chose a cute sparkly green paper to go behind for the gator and then used orange paper to cover the whole front inside. 

I was going to make a "gator garland" out of the gators that got cut out by the Cricut when I made the invites, by stringing them together. I made larger cutouts to go on the garland too. When crunch time came around, my mother-in-law just helped tape the gators up in various spots along with blue and orange balloons and streamers. I wish I would have had the time to make the garland!

After I cut out the larger gators that I planned for the garland, I used the leftover pieces of paper as stencils to paint a gator on the pumpkins I had set out as decorations. 

Ashley, put together the games. Anyone ever played the diaper game? You melt different candy bars in different diapers in the microwave. Number the diapers and pass them around, and you have to smell the candy bar and guess what kind it is. Whoever has the most guesses that are correct, wins! Kind of gross, but kind of fun too!

Another game we played, was a memory game. A number of baby items are put on a tray that is brought out and everyone has a certain amount of time to look at the items and try to memorize what was there. You take the tray away and everyone lists off what they could remember. Then, in the end, the mother-to-be is given the items to use for later. So fun and practical!

The shower wasn't too hard to put together and ended up being a blast!
So if any of you are a die hard fan (or your husband) of any sports team, throw a baby shower in honor of the new little fan!


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