Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old McDonald

I made these little finger puppets for my daughter, and she loves them! I also have a dog, cow, goat, and cat; but those guys have disappeared somewhere. But here's an idea of the type of animals you can make (that guy on the left is a really strange looking horse).

She has always loved to sing "Old McDonald," but now that she has these guys, she's always asking to sing "E-I-E-I" as she calls it.

I just stitched around them by hand and glued on their features.
I also added a barn page in her quiet book, so we can use it at church too. I'll show more quiet book ideas in a later post.

It's a simple project that has provided hours of entertainment for my little girl!


  1. I love this! I've made a few quiet books for friends and think they're SO stinkin' cute. I love the farm page idea though; that's a new one I may have to add to my repertoire.

  2. I'm talking to you right now and already told you how cute these are, but again, they are adorable!!


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