Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Make Your Feather Pillow Last Longer!

I absolutely love a good feather pillow. In fact, I can't sleep without the perfect pillow due to neck problems I have (curse that terrible posture)! The only problem with the perfect feather pillow is that they can be expensive, and once I find just the right one, it's usually too flat within a few months.
I was telling my husband that I needed a new pillow, and he said we were spending way too much on them a year. I believe my sleep is of the utmost importance, so I was going to find a way to buy a new one regardless until a light bulb went off in my head! I seriously felt brilliant and dumb and the same time (for not thinking of it sooner).

I forced the feathers down, and I stitched a few inches from the end to seal the feathers in the other side. I was planning to stitch down the entire side, but I found it was fluffy enough part way down. As you can see, just a corner is stitched. It made my pillow fluffy again! Next time it gets too flat, I'll stitch down some more!
This solution will save me over $100 dollars a year, and it took almost no time!
Stay tuned next Wednesday for a belly band tutorial! I will also be giving away 2 custom made belly bands! You won't want to miss it!


  1. That's a great idea and I love the savings. How can you complain about $100 a year? Thank you!

  2. Hi, it's a long, laborious process, but I regularly wash my feather pillow in the washing machine, with just a little detergent.
    The trick is the washing machine will not be balanced- the pillow will stick to one side. So you need to wash two pillows. However, sometimes you just need to hand squeeze the pillows. (You'll need a large basin.)
    Next, pop them in the dryer, with some other articles, like towels. You need something for the pillows to bounce off of, or else the pillows will stick to the side of the dryer and only the one side will dry. (My mom used to use an old pair of cloth sneakers - washed and then used specifically for this reason.) You'll find that some of the feathers do come out, but they are on the lint filter. They'll be very fluffy.
    I wash my down coats the same way. It takes a long time, but it's worth the effort.

  3. Ashley, you're amazing! I'm now kicking myself for not thinking of it!

  4. Very informative! Thanks for sharing it to all feather pillow lovers.

  5. Great tips you got here! It's really important to know how to take care of feather pillows in order to make the most of it.


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