Thursday, October 7, 2010

DIY Chalkboards and Cork Boards

Thrift stores and garage sales usually have
an abundance of large, inexpensive, not pretty art,
like so:
And with a little paint and cork board
you can turn it into this:
This particular one was 100% free. Everything
I used was on hand at my parents house.
The "art" had been sitting in the storage room
for years, the paint was in the garage, and the
cork board was left over from my high school days.
I simply used a craft knife to remove the painting,
cut the cork to size, and hot glued it into place.

I also found this art piece at a thrift store for $7
I painted the frame and then used chalkboard
spray paint to cover up the painting.
These simple and inexpensive projects can turn
unused objects into cute and useful items.


  1. LOVE this!!! following you now from Tag Along Tuesday (:

  2. You are my sunshine is sad you turned a pretty sought after painting into that.

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