Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Belly Band Winners Announced!

The winners of this week's giveaway are...

Random Integer Generator

Comment #13 and #22

Erin... I'm following and I'm posting about it on my page right now!

Britney and Danny Johnson... I love this idea!!! I am expecting and my jeans are needing a little help to stay on, and I have been looking for another option besides spending lots of money on new jeans. :)

You winners will be contacted via email, and we'll get you prizes made and mailed to you this week!

I am sorry to all those who didn't win, but we appreciate all your comments. We will do more giveaways soon!

I had one question asked from Becca B who is trying to make her own belly band, and in case any of you are having this same problem, here is the question and answer:


I made one, but it won't stay down on my hips. I tapered it 3" smaller on top because it gaped so much on top. My material looks like the white above (it's spandex rayon swimsuit liner). That was the only thing the gal at Hancock's said would stretch like that. Any suggestions on how to make it stay in place?


One reason your band may not be staying in place is that it's too slick. Swimsuit fabric tends to glide across the body. I make sure and get a blend that is not slick, that feels more like cotton.
Another reason is that it is not long enough. It has to sit just below the hips, and it has to be very snug.

Good Luck!


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