Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

Ok so it's a kitchen remodel for a 2 year old but still!
Check out this cute little kitchen from the 1964
Sears Christmas catalog.
So cute right?!
Well fast forward to 2010 and that same kitchen
looks a little more like this:
NOT so cute!
I found the set at a thrift store a while back,
and after doing my research and realizing that
it was at one time SO cute, I decided I would try
to bring it back to life. I couldn't beat the $15
price tag, especially because it retailed for $27.99
almost 50 years ago!
Here it is, cleaned up, and about 6 or so cans of spray
paint later. The fridge needs to be stocked, and
cooking supplies need to be purchased, but I think
Santa will be taking care of that this year!
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  1. That is the cutest kitchen set ever! What a great remodel :) I absolutely love adult stuff for little tots. And I love that it is from the 60s and for only $15. What a steal!

  2. That is awesome I am sure your tot will love it. My kiddos play with theirs all the time!

  3. Great remodel,looks so cute and pretty, bravo:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  4. Well done! I'm going to be doing a two different kitchen remodels this year... hopefully completed this year. :) Thank you for the inspiration and motivation!

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