Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FREE Apron Rack

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to have joined the team here at This and That Creative.  These girls are just fantastic and I hope I can keep up with them!

Tonight I was searching for the perfect project -- one that would be really quick (tonight was also Boy Scout night & wrestling) and easy.  And of course super cool.

Can you tell what it is?  {My pictures are kind of off here}

An apron rack for my kitchen made of spoons!  I'm kind of on a silverware kick here lately.

Here is a close up of the hooks.

You see I'm kind of obsessed with silverware after seeing this picture from Pottery Barn:

Isn't it great?  I think so.  Hubby doesn't.  He looked at it and said "it's a fork." 

Hello, and a spoon.

Anyways, he just doesn't get it.

But I have a confession.  I took my spoon today and set out to make something else.  I wanted napkin rings made out of silverware. 

I tried, but alas I am not Strong Women. And I could only bend the spoon so far. {Bending the spoon this far is pretty easy though.  Go impress your kids.  Mine didn't know what to think at my amazing trick}

And although a napkin could slip in there it was not the look that I was going for.  So something else had to be done.  Because I had already bent 3 spoons.  And my husband was saying "why did you ruin our spoons?"  I needed a solution - quick.

I had this board from another project that I was doing.  I had painted it to give it a slightly weathered appearance.  I grabbed and answered him -- making an apron holder.  {To paint: Sand first.  Then dilute black paint with water - 1 part each.  Paint.  Wipe.  Then paint over with white.  Sand.}

All I did was hot glue the flat parts of the spoons to the board. Ta da.

{The picture is slightly funny looking because it's not really hung on the wall.  I can use a glue gun, not tools.  And I don't think hot glueing it to the wall would have been a good idea.  So it was leaning waiting to be hung}

I tore threw boxes {we just recently moved} looking for my aprons to hang on them for a picture and what do you know.  They aren't in any boxes.  Go figure.  Guess what my next project is?  Gotta make an apron for my new apron rack!

P.S. While writing this post I searched for silverware napkin holders - having a hard time finding "my vision".  But I did find this.

A spoondelier.  Ha ha.  I loved it.  Woah expensive though.  Andy crushed my dreams of ever owning this spoondelier.  "That's stupid." Not sure if he just doesn't like the spoons or the fact that they were charging over $1900 for them....

Hold the phone!! So I just saw from One Pretty Thing that Adventure in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone had my napkin rings.  And a tutorial.  Look at them.  How stinking cool.
I love them.  And now I know why I couldn't make them..  Because no, I am not as strong as the tools needed. But don't tell my son - we just got back from Boy Scouts & Wrestling where he told all his friends that his mom bent a spoon in half.  And they were all amazed.  :)


  1. I'm loving the whole silverware thing too! Great idea!
    P.S. I love that you got to show off how strong you are!

  2. Stephanie Bryer CagleNovember 23, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    Very cool! I am really enjoying looking at all the projects!

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  4. I likable the posts and funky layout you've got here! I’d wish many thanks for sharing your expertise and also the time it took to post!! 2 Thumbs up!


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