Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Christmas Countdown & Buttons

The world has officially turned into a blur of excitement of Christmas! As my gift to you, here are some buttons to help you get your blog ready for Christmas too :)

Okay, so I just have to share a fun little Christmas memory from my childhood with you as I introduce this countdown button :)

Christmas countdowns have been so fun
for me ever since I was little. Well, you
know how in elementary school
the kids get to make a chain countdown
out of paper? Well, my sister made one
of those one year and had it hanging in
her room. Even my little brother who
was probably around three years old
knew what that was all about. Everyone
was counting down till Christmas! Well,
one day we were hitting a volleyball
around in her room (I'm pretty sure
that my mom told us a few times not
to hit it around in the house...sorry Mom). One
hit sent the ball careening straight into
the Christmas chain and a few other
valuables, and the chains on the countdown
all broke off. Next thing we know, my
little brother comes running into the
room because of the ruckus. He looked
up at the countdown that no longer had any
more chains/days left and squealed
with delight, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

So in honor of the excitement of Christmas I have made a countdown for you! Just insert it on your blog like any other button. It's one that won't break like those paper chain ones and get you all confused as to when Christmas is ;) But I do have to warn you that my countdown button is still not perfect. I am changing it manually each day. You don't have to do anything--just pretend it is a regular button. When I manually change the image, your button will automatically be updated. That means that it's not going to change at the exact same time everyday. I'm on MST and I'll try to get it changed before 8 AM my time each day, but there is no guarantee. You never know. And please forgive me if I get caught in a blizzard during my holiday travels without access to the internet! (I'm highly doubting that will happen.) So if you aren't bothered by its imperfections, this button is for you!

And I have to give credit to Karen over at The Graphics Fairy for the real vintage image that I changed up to make this countdown button. Check it out--she posts some really cool images that are public domain because they really are that old.

Ta dah! Here it is!

Here's one for a more contemporary look to wish your visitors "Happy Holidays!"


And we all know it is the season of giving...comments that is :)


These next two buttons are for all you Buddy the Elf fans. I heart Buddy the Elf. Those of you who have not seen Elf are missing out! Remember in Elf when he makes a list on an Etch-A-Sketch of what to do with his dad? Here it is!


And let's not forget about the elves' diet. It's definitely one that a lot of us adhere to during this season! My little boy really does think that these are the main food groups.


These next two, if your viewer clicks on either of them, the buttons will take them HERE to a little Nativity Christmas movie on YouTube.

This one is my very first ever animated button!



So there you go. I hope you enjoy them!
And note to self: I think I may be addicted to making buttons.

If any of you don't know how to add these to your blog, here is a quick how to:
1. Copy the code in the box from below the button you want
2. In your "Design" tab of your blog, click on "Page Elements"
3. Click on "Add a Gadget" and select "HTML/Javascript"
4. Paste the code
5. After you have saved your new gadget, drag it to where you want on your page elements layout :)

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  1. THANK YOU!!!! I've grad buttons and posted them on both my blogs. You are so awesome!

  2. Thank you! I love the Christmas Countdown!

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