Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Desk Redo

I used an old desk, and turned it into this...
This is the desk. I used it as my sewing table, but with twins on the way, I no longer have the luxury of a sewing table. Never fear though, there is always the kitchen table. I made a quilt for my mother in law, and had an accident with the wonder under, so the top was gross looking.
I decided to paint the desk white, which took about 8 coats! I wasn't expecting that! I sanded down the bumpy top and decided to add a fun splash of color. I cut this piece of fabric to fit the top. Then, I attached it to the top with modge podge (fabulous stuff!). To finish it off, I added another coat of modge podge to the top. It seals the fabric in, making it so you can just wipe the top when it gets dirty. And since it dries clear, it works fantastic.
I put the table in my laundry room to give me a surface for folding clothes. And I put a bin with drawers inside. That holds my daughter's various art activities. And the basket holds clothes needing mending or dyeing (By the way, Megs told me a fabulous tip to make husbands white shirts last longer. Dye them when they get dingy. It works great!). By the way, ignore my hideous laundry room. I forgot to take the after picture, so I had to take it this morning. I have a bunch of laundry to catch up on...
I love the way the desk turned out. I love making use of things I already have!


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