Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Substitute Headboard

Although I am a really bad procrastinator, I have had the best of intentions with this blog! My plan was to post Monday morning, I had it all worked out. Then my oldest son came down with the flu Sunday night. So Monday morning was shot, as was the afternoon and evening due to me coming down with the flu. Thank heaven Ashley bailed me out and traded me days- aren't sisters great!!!

Then I forgot that I was spending the day at my kid's school today helping the PTA with vision screening and getting trained to help with reading in their classrooms! I love my life and community, but I really need to remember things better.

Anyway... here it is. My project for the week that I have been so excited to do.

I found a queen size bed on KSL the other day and got it for my daughter. I have been wanting to put one in her room so it could be used by guests when they come visit. However, her room is very small, so she doesn't really have room for a headboard and footboard (although I'm sure my wonderfully talented husband will end up building her one eventually)! But, I saw a project like this once and thought, "Hey, that would make a darling 'substitute' headboard!"

So here goes. You will need 1x3 inch boards cut in the following lengths: 2 cut to 48 inches long, 3 cut to 30 inches long, and 2 cut to 20 & 1/8 inches long. I used my quilting frame boards (again) so my husband will have to replace them for me when he goes to the hardware store next time. It's all part of living in a rural community, you use what you have a lot.

Now you may be saying to yourself, "My husband doesn't own a miter saw," which is the easiest to use for this project in my opinion. Well, neither does mine. It's my saw, I got it for my birthday 5 years ago!

(Sorry, I just realized this picture is sideways, but you get the idea!)

Once upon a time Lowe's would cut your boards for you as long as you didn't need very many cuts made. The first 2 cuts were free, and then they used to cost 50 cents each. That would be way cheaper than getting a saw if you don't have one. Or you could borrow one if possible.

Next I cut out pieces of chip board. Yes, I know you can use scissors, but I used my saw to do this, too. One, because I'm lazy, and two, because I love my saw. You will want 8 pieces around 2x3 inches and 1 that is about 2x6. Then I used my staple gun to attach the chip board at the corners and hold the window frame together like so.

Now, the chip board will bend, so I also had to staple across the seams in the front to keep the window frame sturdy. If you don't want staples on the front (I didn't mind too much since I was just going to paint over them), they do make metal plates with holes in them and you can do the same basic thing by screwing them on with short screws and your window will be much more sturdy.

Next I sanded my boards just a little, mostly because they had dents in them from my c-clamps that I use on my quilting frames. Then I painted it black, as this is the color of most of the accessories in Emma's room.

And, as I do with a lot of my crafts, I distressed it by sanding all exposed corner/edges. You don't have to do this, I just think it adds character and definition.

Last I glued a bunch of brightly colored gerber daisies in the window using hot glue. I did remember to pick up the daisies while I was in Provo getting the bed, I just forgot the wood. Then I hung the finished product above her bed.

Now, as you can tell, I really need to make her a new bright bed spread and a bunch of fun pillows for Christmas. I'll have to make sure and post those when I do them!


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