Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm retarded, so here's a cool trick!

I really need to get into this new blogging thing. I was running errands around Provo today- trips to areas with stores are a big deal when you live in Millard County- and I totally spaced that it was my day to post.

SO... no jewelry/accessory post this week, but I do have a very handy tip for you. And I promise this works. My mom did daycare for years with off white carpet and she never had stains on her carpet (until my little brother tipped over a gallon of blue paint and swam on it in the living room when he was a baby)!

If your kids, husband, or heaven forbid, you spill a drink on the carpet, whatever you do, DON'T try to soak it up with a rag (other than water of course). Once you push it down into the pad it is set for life. Instead, take a container of normal table salt and pour it on the wet spot. When I say container, I mean it! It may take the whole thing. You have to keep pouring until no more wet stuff seeps up through the salt. Then, and this is the difficult part if you have little kids, let it sit there as undisturbed as possible until it dries. Once it is dry (I try to let it sit for a full 24 hours) all you have to do is vacuum it up, and TA-DA! It's gone! I swear it works- cool-aid, rootbeer, tampico, the options are endless. The only exception is something like grape juice that stains on contact. I can't help you there.

You'll all have to try it next time you have a spill and let me know what you think. I seriously think this little tidbit is knowledge that all moms should just be born with, but alas it's not- so spread the word!!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I just moved into a new home a week ago and am already spilling.


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