Friday, September 3, 2010

Brigadeiros: Brazilian Candy

Welcome to Creative Culinary Day at This & That Creative. To start us off, I have chosen a recipe that I love! 

This recipe is very simple, but very yummy (and gluten-free, depending on what you roll them in)! It is a Brazilian Candy that is often served at birthday parties.

My family met Virginia (from Brazil) and her family through my uncle. This family visited the states a few times while I was growing up and would make sure to stop by at our house. Virginia shared this recipe with us, and everyone would always love when my mom would make them! 

Brigadeiros are named after Brigadeir Eduardo Gomes (a famous Air Force Brigadeir in Brazil) and originated in Brazil at a time when nuts, fruits, and imported sweets were scarce because of the war in the 1940s. Nestle had just introduced cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk. The combination of timing and access to ingredients gave birth to Brigadeiros! And I am oh so glad!

Here is the original recipe as told to my family:


1 can (14 oz.) of sweetened condensed milk
2-4 tablespoons of butter
1/4 cup of cocoa powder
Sprinkles or anything else yummy to roll them in

Prepare a plate to pour your mixture on by rubbing 
butter across the surface and set it aside.
Mix ingredients together in a pan over medium heat.
Stir continuously while mixture thickens (about 10 minutes).
When you can tip the pan and the mixture pulls away from
the edge as though it is loose from the pan, 
you are okay to take the pan off the heat. The longer you
cook them, the thicker they will be. If they are already
pulling off the pan, I would leave them on the heat only about
 two minutes longer if you want them thicker. Do NOT overcook.
Pour the mixture onto the buttered plate and then refrigerate
until cool enough to handle. The cooler they are, the 
easier they are to handle. Next you will need to wash 
and butter up your hands. Take a spoon and scoop the mixture
off the plate to roll into balls, and dip each ball 
into any of these: sprinkles, coconut, crushed Oreos, 
crushed graham crackers, nuts, etc. 
Place the balls in small candy cups (mine usually don't
make it to this point..hehe). You can serve them right away or chill 
them until you want to eat them!

P.S. I hear that these can be made without the cocoa powder for a more caramel taste but have never tried it. Leave a comment if you have tried it this way, or if you decide to make them from this recipe, I'd love to hear how they turn out! 

Here are some other ideas of how to serve them:

with spoons in a cup

on a stick

with a surprise inside

17 and Baking has some great variations. Check the page out HERE.


  1. I absolutely love those! I'm going to try and make them!

  2. Those look so tasty. I'm definitely going to be giving them a try.

  3. Oh, and I just thought of a variation that would be fun, Smores style. If only I could get my hands on some of those mini-marshmallows that you find in some of the hot chocolate mixes. You could roll your Bridadeiros in the mini-mallows and crushed graham crackers for a good old over the campfire Smores taste!

  4. Wow, this is gonna be a fun one. The kids will love it! Thanks!!!

    By the way I LOVE THIS BLOG!! I love ideas and creative ways to make our house a HOME!! You are Awesome!!!

  5. These look incredibly delicious! As we have visitors coming up next week I think I will try them :) a girl can neeever have enough chocolate :D
    Found you via the Lady Bloggers Society.

  6. We had friends spend some time in Brazil and they made these yummy treats. I might have to give them a try myself.

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