Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Pumpkin Craft

This cute little guy has made me extremely excited for the leaves to start changing!
First, I started off with orange felt (any fabric would do really; I just like the look of the felt). I traced the pumpkin sections like so and cut them out. If you want a fat pumpkin, make them wider.
I ended up with five sections. I wanted the pumpkin face to be on one of the sections rather than split onto two, and I wanted him to be fat, so mine are wide. If you make them thinner, you will need more sections.
I stitched the sections together along the edge, and then I stuffed the little guy. I was planning to hand stitch the remaining sides together, but I'll let you in on a little secret.... I just hot glued it instead. It works for crafts that never really get washed.
I took a square green piece for the stem. I stitched it together, turned it inside out.
Then I gathered it at the top and glued it together. Then I glued the stem in place.
I wanted to add the curly thingy (technical, I know), so I took my felt and cut in a spiral. I just continued cutting to the very center.
I didn't like the way the sides poked out, so I put some hot glue and gathered them in like so.
Lastly, I just toll painted his little face on. Now, I just need to make him a buddy, and they will sit on my table on top of my fall table runner.

I like this project because it's nice and simple. Happy fall!


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