Thursday, September 2, 2010

Make Your Own Upholstered Headboard

Today is Home Decor and Design day on This and That.
Today the topic of choice is Upholstered Headboards!
Upholstered headboards come in all shapes and sizes.
They can be traditional.
image via Better Homes and Gardens

They can be classic.

They can be country.

They can be fun.
Here is a simple and inexpensive way to make your own.
Here's what you need:
Wood, cut to size,
Foam, cut to size ( I usually use a mattress pad, it's
cheaper than the foam at the fabric store, and it's bigger),
Fabric of your choice,
Covered button kits (however many you need),
Regular buttons, any size or color (you'll see why),
Fishing line, or similar
Tools that will help:
Drill (to make holes in your wood for your buttons)
Staple gun (to staple batting and fabric to wood)
Spray adhesive or hot glue (to adhere batting to wood)

Let's get started!
First, measure out the size you want.
For a queen size bed I made mine 60" wide and 36" high.
You can get your wood cut to size at Lowe's or
Home Depot for free usually!
Then you need to measure where you want to
place your buttons, mark each spot, and drill a hole
through your wood.
Next, lay your fabric down, then batting, then
foam, then wood (this is where you can adhere the
foam to the wood so it doesn't slide around).
Here's what it will look like:
Next, pull your batting and fabric TIGHT around
your wood and staple.
Next, cover your buttons with fabric.
A medium weight fabric is best for this.
If it's to thin, you will see the metal button through
the fabric, if it's too thick, it will be really hard to do!
Using a large needle and the fishing line
sew on the buttons.
To keep them on attach a button to the back and
knot the fishing line to it.
It will look like this when you are done:
You can then use some inexpensive muslin to cover the back,
or leave it as is since no one will see it!

And here is how mine turned out!
I bought some 1x4's at home depot and made "stilts"
for my headboard to lift it off the ground.
The total project cost me about $60.
And I found similar ones for $300+

Here's another one I found online that I'm
thinking of attempting for my little girls room
when she grows out of her crib.
image unknown
So go out and make yourself a headboard!

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  1. I am now regretting the purchase of the bed with the headboard attached for our room...

    I love this look so much! Maybe I can arrange it for a guest bedroom or something!

  2. I love these ideas and they don't seem too hard...I, hopefully, will be trying one soon for my room1

  3. Hey thanks for the post. I have an ugly twin bed headboard that came with our house. I've always been planning to cover it for Kelty when we put her in a big bed. This makes it seem less daunting... Although I'm not sure if I can drill holes through it... I'll have to see, it's kind of thick. I think I need to start looking at twin bedding... then I will cover the headboard to match the comforter.

  4. Exactly what I was looking for! I need to make a headboard for my daughter's room, and possibly for my bed. Great tutorial...and beautiful result!

    So glad you could Mi4M!

  5. i love it I have been telling my husband that I would love to make a headboard for our 16yr old daughters room, I just didn't know where to start!! no more excuses...Thanks a million , Tara

  6. I LOVE this idea! We're in a tiny apartment and don't have room for an actual bed, so I love the idea of the upholstered headboard to give our room a finished look!

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