Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tutu Magic


Okay, I know I promised a super cute pumpkin today, but alas my sewing machine is having a temper tantrum, so we are going to do a tutu instead. Luckily, my sister just hooked me up with a ton of tulle. With Halloween coming up, this project can blossom into countless costume ideas. For example; a red and black tutu with wings and antennas, you have the cutest lady bug on the planet. Or, a fairy, bee, you get the idea. Onto the tutorial...

Normally, you would start with an elastic band for the waist (make sure you measure the elastic and then make it 2-3 inches smaller because it will stretch out by the end, and you will have to redo it if you don't account for the stretch). I decided to go with a tie waist band because then it will grow with my 2 year-old. I have a feeling this will be a hit with her for a while.
It's best to get the tulle that comes in the 6 inch wide strips because it's ready to go. Cut them 22-24 inches depending on the height of your child (these will be folded in half).
Next, we are going to knot it onto the waist band...
Just bring the ends through the loop.
And it's all tied on...
Continue on, and make sure the knots get pushed tightly together. The tighter the knots, the puffier the tutu.
And here is the finished product. The top photo is my adorable little model showing this off...

And next week I will make sure I have a working machine for that pumpkin post. It's gonna be great!


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