Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dresser Makeover

Last year I found this little lady at a garage sale for, get this...
she looked sad sitting there with her free sign on her,
so I decided to snatch her up and take her home with me.
she was in pretty bad shape,
the back was warped and cracked,
there were a few too many coats of paint on her,
she had some ugly contact paper lining her drawers,
she had ugly little knobs,
and her drawers were a little wobbly.
but with lots of love, she started to look better!
here she is, in my dining room, looking beautiful!
for about $30 I turned my ugly little dresser into a charming piece!
don't you think?
So don't be afraid to check out your local thrift store
and tackle a furniture makeover!


  1. It totally looks like a different dresser! How did you do the rectangle around the knobs on the front of the drawers that gives it a little three-dimension?

  2. I used some inexpensive molding, cut it to size, and glued it on with wood glue... so easy, but it makes a huge difference!

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