Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet Striped Nursery

We just moved into a new rental house about
three months ago. This is the FIFTH place
we have lived in our four years of marriage!!
I was tired of spending money on each rental
to make it feel like home, so this time around
I was looking for an inexpensive way to turn
a bland bedroom into a sweet nursery.

Here is what the bland bedroom looked
like on move-in day.
And here is some inspiration I found:

And here is the finished nursery.

I painted the stripes on just one wall so it
will be easy to paint over when we move.
The total cost: TWELVE dollars.
I got a gallon of white paint on sale for $5
and a roll of painters tape for $7
It was inexpensive, easy, and perfect for my little one!

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  1. I would SO love to paint the place we just moved into. There's nothing like color on a wall to make it feel like your own (even if it's not technically).

  2. What an easy way to make such a difference!

  3. What a beautiful nursery! I just love how clean and crisp it looks! Great job =)

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful before and after. We feature great projects, if you are interested let me know. You should be able to just respond to my comment. You usually get a bunch of new traffic. Check out my site if you get the chance

  5. Very beautiful! I've always wanted to try out some stripes!!!

  6. Those soft palette of lime green adds a nice touch of warmth to this nursery. Wonderful indeed.

  7. You got an extremely helpful website I actually have been here reading for regarding an hour. I’m an initiate and your success is incredibly a lot of a concept on behalf of me.


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